Thursday, May 7, 2009


It is one of those days . . . I am exhausted and still have so much to do. I started this blog thing knowing good and well that I am incapable of keeping it going, but I am trying to be persistent with the things I have begun.
But to say the least, I am overwhelmed. . .
there is a pile of clean laundry in the kitchen,
a pile of unwanted clothes on my floor,
a pile of unopened mail on the file cabinet,
and a pile of unentered receipts in my drawer.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Madisyn's first communion practice was tonight. Kids are so freaking funny . . .

Here are some cute pics of Maddy afterwards when she lightened up a bit

This is my daughter Madisyn. I say that with great pride because she is an amazing person. Maddy is my sister's child. My sister has dealt with alcoholism for over 20 years. It sucks. For awhile my sister was able to function as a parent until she just became very unable. We adopted Madisyn when she was three and now she is 8. It has been crazy and complex but gosh this kid is amazing and I am so happy that she is a part of me.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Here I am

I have absolutely no time to do this.

And yet here I am--trying to keep up with everyone else

if ya knew me you'd know - - - I am not like everyone else ---
Sometimes I try real hard.

SO a quick run down of me and my family, Virginia Woolf style (oh I crave reading her today)

so there's ed my husband well not really my husband but we've been together a long time since i was 22 and now i am 31 and we have lots of fun together and sometimes not that much but he is my best friend and sometimes we work well together and sometimes we don't but i would be lost without him and oh yeah he's sick-got lots of heart problems too many to discuss today and sometimes that affects our life and other times it effects our surroundings and he hates the cold, and oklahoma, and tomatoes but he doesn't hate me or our kids or the damn dogs that just won't stop barking which brings about the kids. . . . well just like not ever being married but having a husband . . . i have never been pregnant but I have two kids . . . . Otis is 15 and 6months (he reminded me about that-PERMIT TIME) and then there is Maddy and she is 8
"And my hair is untidy,because when Mrs Constable told me to brush it there was a fly in aweb, and I asked, "Shall I free the fly? Shall I let the fly be eaten?" So I am late always. My hair is unbrushed and these chipsof wood stick in it." (The Waves, Virginia Woolf)